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Professional guides to make money from playing Club Fruit Machines in working men clubs and online casinos. Play online now at Riverbelle, the most popular slot machines since 1998!
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Club Cops & Robbers / Public Enemy Guide
player rating 4/5
These machines are both very similar and both very common in the clubs. They have a boardgame style feature which involves accumulating money or collecting a feature. This feature will not pay the jackpot or cash pot unless you advance to the ‘Millionaires row’ which is another board with higher win amounts. You can also get into this by exchanging a high gamble (£15 minimum). Generally you will lose if you play for this feature but occasionally it will go to the jackpot, and you can take it for a quick bit of profit. The problem with playing machines like this is that they usually force you to take something and this sets the jackpot or cash pot back. The only way to play this style of machine is when the cash pot is at the maximum and the reserve is at least half of it. You must not collect any features (just collect 20p if the feature is started). Hold all the cash pot symbols on or just above the line. The machine will usually pay the pot when all four cash pot symbols are within four nudges. They may be in range several times before it nudges. The cash pot is not available when a jackpot has paid out and less than a few hundred pounds has gone back in the machine. When the cash pot is available you will notice that a lot of cash pot symbols appear in the reel window. This method also means that you will get a lot of afterplay if the cash pot was expensive.

signs to watch for:
1. Watch for cash pot symbols on or above the line.
2. Watch for 4 of a kind wins - the machine is VERY happy.
3. If it offers 3 cash pots - the cash pot may not be available.
4. If the gamble goes past £50 it will pay the jackpot. Usually on this gamble.

Hint: If the gamble does go past £50 you might be better off forcing it to lose. The jackpot or cash pot will follow soon. If you get the jackpot from the feature or the gamble there will be no afterplay. It can be worth carrying on for a little while to try to get the cash pot because the afterplay will probably account for most of you profit at this stage. If you wish to play for a quick win then the best feature on the board game is probably Capones Caper (Great Train Robbery) which pays about £20. If you refuse this feature the next one is also good, it involves taking your pick of three swag bags which scroll acroos the screen. Another method for a quick win (which worked particularly well on the ferries) was to gamble up to £15 and exchange for the Millionaires Row. I would then collect the cash when it reached about £30. When playing the Millionaires Row you must watch out for it paying the jackpot. On Cops&Robbers if it goes past £80 then it will go all the way to £200. On Public Enemy it must go over £100, I have been fined £40 when I was up to £97 - ouch! I have had the jackpot out these many times this way. If you have decided that the cash pot is not going to pay and you take a feature after filling the machine up (without taking a win) you often find that you have forced it to pay the jackpot instead. There is one difference between these machines worth noting. On Cops&Robbers, if you get into the millionaires row naturally (by getting 3 keys) and the cash goes over £50 then it will definitely go to the jackpot. This rule does not seem to apply to Public enemy #1 as I have heard stories that it can fine you at any point, but you can be rest assured that you will usually get the jackpot anyway.

other clones include Premier Club Manager, Gameshow, Make A Million, Club Football and Golden Casino.

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